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Journey into the Cloud

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and Lianja provides a comprehensive solution for Cross-Platform Desktop, Cloud and Mobile Database Apps with its innovative Lianja Apps Platform™ (APaaS) that will reduce the duration of this journey dramatically.


Lianja™ is a data-centric Apps platform (APaaS) that lets you focus on developing and deploying Desktop, Cloud and Mobile Apps without the need to invest in lengthy App development times and infrastructure.

Lianja App Builder™

The Lianja App Builder™ helps you solve specific business needs by enabling you to quickly create professional-quality business Apps visually for Desktop, Cloud or Mobile devices on Windows, Linux and Mac using NoCode™, Lianja/VFP, Python, PHP, and/or HTML5/JavaScript.

Lianja SQL Server™

Lianja SQL Server™ is a full featured SQL relational database server with High availability and fault tolerance built-in providing the ability for businesses to access their Lianja data from any client; Desktop, Browser, and Mobile devices. Supports native JSON data types with transparent SQL CRUD operations on JSON data.

Lianja Cloud Server™

The Lianja Cloud Server™ is a flexible cloud database Apps Server that enables you to deploy and manage data-centric Apps in the Cloud on either Linux or Windows. You build Apps using the Lianja App Builder then publish them into the Lianja Cloud Server. Supports automatic data binding requiring no server-side code to be written.

Application Development

Lianja Consulting Services provide full service application development and deployment from idea to product. Starting from an initial overview, to a complete functional specification, development, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance.

Modernize Legacy Apps

With Lianja, Visual FoxPro and Access developers are able to satisfy customer and end user requirements for modern Web and Mobile UIs by leveraging their existing knowledge and building on this. Lianja provides the tools, solutions and services to enable the modernization of legacy applications.

Training Courses

These courses are arranged periodically in different geographic regions or can be arranged on-site at customer premises by customer request. They can also be customized for individual customers needs and requirements.

Premium Support

Supporting an enterprise-class solution like Lianja means understanding and supporting the complete software stack from database to browser as well as understanding the full life cycle of enterprise software. Premium support provides access to the consultants who build Lianja Apps every day and access to the engineers who built Lianja itself.


Develop professional-quality business Apps regardless of your development skills on Windows, Linux and Mac.


Deploy your Apps native on your desktop, web browser or mobile devices without code changes.


Share your Apps and data securely with others in your company, business or team.